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BA Supply fosters strong relationships with vendors and suppliers, enabling us to deliver the highest levels of service across all distribution channels. At BA Supply, our focus is to assess your needs and then blend our resources to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

We can also assist you in designing, evaluating, and improving new and existing lighting and electrical systems. That’s why our customers come back.

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Energy consumption is a growing concern across all industries not only because of its impact on production costs, but also because of its impact on environmental sustainability.

Energy audit services are a key part of BA Supply’s dedicated energy efficiency services and the first step towards a complete energy management strategy.

Following an energy consumption audit and profile, we compile energy saving opportunities that you can then use to organize and plan particular energy reduction based on those results.

Electrical Retrofit Expertise
Lower energy usage and operating costs by upgrading lighting systems with lower wattage and installing high-efficiency lamps. For even greater savings, take advantage of daylight harvesting and lighting control systems with occupancy sensors.

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