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BA Supply is now an official distributor of Hubbell-Premise’s premiere datacomm products. The addition of Hubbell’s broad line of modular audio/video connections compliments its already wide-ranging datacomm offerings. Learn more.

Wireless energy-saving solutions 

Build an energy-saving solution for any budget with Lutron’s new wireless product family and applications.

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BA Supply 8Your local electric supply experts

As experts in the electrical industry, BA Supply is your source for energy-saving solutions. We’ll help you navigate the world of innovative energy products, new technologies, and financial incentives.

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BA Supply 7Wired for your success

Widely recognized for its integrity and customer service, BA Supply is focused on the datacomm markets that will bring you the latest products and resources for your low-voltage needs.

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Save time and money with value-added services tailored to fit your needs today and tomorrow

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Summary Billing

Streamline payable processing
Simplify payment and billing
Speed up posting
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Consolidate parts into customized packaging
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